Agape found me in Sardegna Ricerche database and contacted me for a very interessino project. The challenge has been to create Agape new identity, develope a new website for corporate communication and a easy and flexible e-learning platform. In fact Agape is very active this field. I’m very proud to the job done and opportunity to work with a very enthusiastic and amazing client.


Agape puts his heart in any work, doing something really special for any indivual, handicapped or not. Agape name come from greek and means “love”. So I designed something to explain the kind of delicate love Agape builds every day. I created all Agape communication just thinking to this, tring to put in color, images, slogans and graphics all delicate but powerful emotions everybody can find in Agape way to work and intend life.


I never had a doubt on Creattivo: His works show me an unusual talent. I feel emotions, elegance and a french touch of class. I think its our mission to call back in Sardegna talents as Creattivo are. We have opportunity to build something more communicative, cultural, strong and emotional. Creattivo is a free mind, he has no cultural limits and he has ability to play with words, images and human emotions as very few people can.

Annalisa Mascia
Agape Coop. Soc. (Italy)

agape logo identity advertising campaign website