the story

Notebleue agency, based in Paris and Toulouse (France), called me to develop the new MAAF email marketing campaign. MAAF Insurance is a top 5 insurance company in France.
The challenge was to create a totally new campaign, presenting a definitive new range of products. Problems was I must use MAAF’s graphics illustrations already available in its brand identity.

 the idea

Looking at the Maaf brand identity illustrations, any character tell a story, an emotion, something strictly connected to real life. The main connection was irony, because any character was humorous. I decided to break the classical communication of insurance products, and I aimed to ironic messages but strongly focused on the innovative aspects of MAAF’s products.

 client says

We have worked with Creattivo for many years. Through this collaboration, we have created a multitude of websites, e-mail marketing campaigns and other material that have pleasantly surprised many customers. MAAF was enthusiastic about the work done for this ad, which still remains one of the cornerstones of its communication for freshness and incisiveness.”

Paris-Toulouse (France)

maaf email marketing visuals