the story

Minipos Ltd. is a British company operating in electronic payments. They decided to launch its mobile POS, so they called me to create the new brand identity and digital communication. The difficulty was represented by competitors: they are a lot. My challenge was to create a company identity different from any competitor.

 the idea

Simplicity was the key value of Minipos device. I just started from this. My idea was to design something could be an icon of easiness and immediacy. I thought to a kid writing something. Wireless icon was the final touch. I used it as a complement to emphasize the device main characteristic.

 client says

We talked about the project and in a few days Creattivo already was able to offer us a fantastic idea. We were surprised by his speed and ability to immediately understand what we wanted. It’s rare to establish some kind of feeling, so active with creative collaborators.”

Minipos Ltd
London (U.K.)

minipos logo website design