the story

Samara was a pharmacies network. They never seriously thought to define a corporate identity, until they decided to build an online shop. The hardest part of the work was to create an identity really original. I won’t to use usually iconic green cross, every pharmacy uses. In addition of this, our goal was to define a delicate, serene color palette, despite to every serious and rigorous pharmacy usual identity.

 the idea

The imperative was to deconstruct the green cross, no question about that. I worked imagining to a new concept, related to iconic symbol but representative of Samara’s services. I immediately thought to a flower. I started by the cross iconic concept, I reworked it, and I created the whole logo just as a petals ensemble. I chose pastel shades, delicate, in perfect harmony with Samara’s atmosphere.

 client says

When we talked to Creattivo we did not expect to get ideas so disruptive, yet so brilliant. His ability to synthesize the concepts, to simplify them without making them banal, left us breathless. His willingness and patience became proverbial. Creattivo is more of a consultant: has become a true strategic partner.

Giuseppe Sanna
Samara Parafarmacie
Cagliari (Italy)

samara delicate corporate identity