the story

I already worked with Twago, and I was their guest during SMAU 2010 in Milan. When Twago decided to design a new e-mail marketing campaign, Silvia contacted me to propose an idea. Their need was something to differentiate the new campaign from all previous ads.
This represented the major challenge: break rules without overwhelm the brand.

 the idea

Campaign target was freelance people. They use Twago marketplace looking for new clients. I wondered what was the main emotion finally finding a new customer. I thought about the surprise and happiness. Immediately I decided that the best way to represent these emotions would be to use people portraits with very marked facial expressions.

 client says

Creattivo is fantastic. He always surprises us with new ideas, he’s reactive, he’s always able to perfectly communicate emotions. We are always very happy to work with him and we highly recommend Creattivo to anyone is looking for a creative mind who knows very well the rules of digital communication.

Silvia Foglia
Berlin (Germany)

twago mail marketing campaign